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Panu Rajala talks about his wife Marja’s dramatic last moments: the will to care decided fate – Entertainment

  • The neurologist called late in the evening that there is no hope, Panu Rajala says of his wife Marja Norha’s sudden death.

Author, professor Panu Rajalan wife, teacher Marja Norha died suddenly of cerebral hemorrhage on Saturday, March 27th.

– It was a complete surprise, like lightning from a clear sky, Panu Rajala says.

It was supposed to be just an ordinary Friday night on March 26th.

Panu Rajala and Marja Norha sat in complete peace in the living room in their second home in Hämeenkyrö. They were supposed to start watching the new British series on seven nights of television.

– Marja suddenly had a severe headache and called an ambulance, Rajala says.

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– Not a second was wasted. The ambulance came in five minutes. Yes, health care works in Finland.

Before the arrival of the ambulance, Marja was still conscious.

– I urged him to endure a terrible headache. I guided him to our wooden couch in the living room to be in the elevator as much as possible.

Anything no other discussion took place. The ambulance men were present quickly. Even then, Panu Rajala realized that such a severe headache could only be like a cerebral hemorrhage.

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Rajala was left alone at home waiting for the ambulance to take his wife to the hospital in Tampere.

– Berry lost consciousness in the ambulance. The neurologist called late in the evening that there is no hope, Panu Rajala says.

– We went with Marja’s daughter the next morning to check the situation. The berry was in the ventilator.

The situation was dramatic.

– He was brain dead. We said not to try. Berry had made a will to take care not to be kept alive in the equipment.

Panu Rajala and Marja Norha in the yard of their home in Hämeenkyrö in 2015.­

We are now celebrating a quiet week. The silent week is the week before Easter in the Lutheran Church and other Western denominations, which ends at Easter.

For Panu Rajala, it literally became quiet.

– Now started a really quiet week, he says.

– My eldest daughter is here as a friend and chat club. There is an awful lot to do in and around the house.

Berry Norha’s funeral will be held around Easter. The opportunity is small due to the corona pandemic.

– The burial ground had time to talk to Marja. He has a place in Hämeenkyrö. It’s my family grave that I can fit in too.

Marja Norha, who retired a few years ago, was known as an active person who loved exercise, languages ​​and literature. Before Korona, he practiced in the yard of Hämeenkyrö’s home.

– He studied languages, French and Estonian until the end, Rajala says.

Panu Rajala and Marja Norha were engaged in 2005 in Paris. They were inaugurated on a magical date on July 7, 2007. The association is Panu Rajala’s third.

As old cottage neighbors, they had known each other long before the relationship began.

The couple did a lot together. They were often seen in Helsinki at cultural expeditions. They had time to get coroner vaccinations together in Helsinki in mid-March.

– Berry would have had another vaccination the other day in June, but now only I get it.

The couple represented at the Castle party in 2015.­

Berry Norha suffered from health problems last year. In July 2020, Panu Rajala wrote in her blog that Marja was to die of a rare complication at Meilahti Hospital.

In her blog, Rajala said that Marja, who suffered from arrhythmias, had time for ablation in July, which is one of the treatments for atrial fibrillation. The operation was successful, but was followed by a surprising complication.

– The operation itself went well in the hands of experienced cardiologists, but after that there was a rare complication that caused the lady to stay in the hospital, Rajala said.

According to Rajala, his wife had to fight for his life.

Panu Rajala is glad that nothing was missed with Marja.

– Yes, in almost 20 years we have time to say everything, he thinks.

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