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Painful art – Argentine sculptor turns corona waste into art exhibition – Abroad

An artist suffering from severe coronary heart disease wants to preserve the painful memories of a pandemic through an exhibition.

Usually Marcelo toledo creates sculptures and jewelry using metal, but now he is taking over a new material: care equipment waste accumulated due to the corona, such as used face masks and syringes.

Toledo plans to create an art exhibition on corona waste that reflects the sadness and pain caused by the pandemic.

Toledo was one of the first Argentines to be diagnosed with a coronary infection a year ago. He became seriously ill with covid-19 disease and was hospitalized for eight days due to pneumonia.

Drawings and used medical material that will become part of the art exhibition.­

The corona experience shaped Toledo’s life and inspired her to create corona-related art, such as a 14-meter face mask with the Argentine flag.

His latest exhibition, “Museum of the After,” opens in September in Buenos Aires. Toledo has collected items for its exhibition from coronavirus treatment waste donated by hospitals, laboratories and casuals.

Toledo’s assistants seal the exhibits in airtight bags.­

Used vaccines and medical material as well as newspaper clippings from the pandemic are included. Many of the items are sealed in airtight bags.

– This is the first time I create an exhibition for which I have not had to buy anything necessary for it. All exhibits are enclosed in bags or cases so we will never forget this. The idea is that they will survive over time.

Toledo (right) moves with his assistant a biblical work of art depicting Adam. The work is part of a future corona exhibition.­

Toledo, 45, is known for, among other things, the Broadway musical Evitaa jewelery created for the purpose of Barack Obama and Madonnalle made art.

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