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Pablo Iglesias announces a bribery complaint against Teodoro Garca Egea, whom he accuses of buying deputies

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 – 09:57

The outgoing second vice president will imminently abandon his seat in Congress before the 30th.

Pedro Snchez, upon his arrival, this Wednesday, to the Congress of Deputies.
Chema Moya EFE

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Pablo Iglesias, the outgoing second vice president of the Government, has announced in the Congress of Deputies the imminent presentation of a complaint before the Anticorruption Prosecutor for bribery against the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro Garca Egea, whom he accuses of having bought deputies from Citizens of Murcia so that the motion of censure against the Government of Fernando Lpez Miras would fail.

Iglesias has been to a large extent the protagonist of the government control session, the last one to attend and not only because he will stop being second vice president before next March 31, as required by the electoral law of the Community of Madrid. , but rather because he should leave the seat before that date as he announced during the session. “Resign as a deputy,” he said, even before as vice president. ”

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Both announcements have been made in response to the popular deputy himself who has urged him to immediately resign from his position in the Council of Ministers and return his minutes as soon as the session ends, in order to stand for the Madrid elections “without privileges” . “Everything else will be talkative”, has settled.

Garca Egea has also predicted a final for Iglesias in the Puerta del Sol but not to occupy the presidency of the Community of Madrid to which he aspires, but to sit on a bench to see how the PP governs “and does great things.” And he has said goodbye to his weekly squabbles with Iglesias stating: “It has been a pleasure to debate with you but as much peace brings as rest leaves.”

Iglesias has responded by repeating the forceful messages that he already launched last Sunday at an event on housing and rent policy organized by his party. This is how he has accused the popular of “barricading themselves in Madrid” because it is “what little they have left” and because Madrid “is one of the main sources of illegal financing” of the PP.

The still second vice president has also sneaked into the question that Pablo Casado has addressed to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, who has been urged to explain what Iglesias means when he goes from “exprpiese” to “imprisoned”, in reference to the words of the leader of Podemos when he assures that in case of reaching the Government of Madrid “to lift the carpets” so that the regional president, Isabel Daz Ayuso, is charged and imprisoned for “stealing from the citizens.”

On this occasion, Sánchez has avoided defending his ally and even number three, and has avoided any reference to his person, his management or his future, taking into account that, from now on, the candidacy of Pablo Iglesias for the presidency Madrid is a direct rival of that of the socialist aspirant, Ángel Gabilondo, who has already affirmed his intention not to agree with the leader of United We Can.

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