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Owners took a stand on human rights and racism – Owls

In their statement, the owls also took a stand against racism.

In Qatar the World Cup finals for men at the end of next year has long been the subject of criticism, and the poor conditions of migrant workers building venues have recently come to the fore again.

The Finnish men’s national football team, Huuhkajat, announced today on the website of the Finnish Football Association statement, which emphasizes the importance of human rights.

– We are sadly watching that there are still countries in the world where human rights are constantly being violated. We have read and heard that things are not fair in the future World Cup host country, Qatar. The Football Association has already taken a position on the matter and it is easy for players to agree with that statement, Huuhkajat wrote in a statement made on the players’ own initiative.

– Our dream is to play in the World Cup final, but it is clear that due to the decisions made some time ago, the Games will unfortunately be played in a country where, according to public information, human rights are not respected as they should be. Human rights are not politics, they are an absolute value, the team continued.

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Owls will face the World Cup qualifiers in their second match away from Ukraine on Sunday night.

The European qualifiers have already seen teams ’statements on the situation in Qatar, with Norwegian and German players, for example, wearing shirts that communicated in favor of human rights.

In their statement, the owls also took a stand against racism.

Before the national matches, there was a nasty incident when the national team player Glen Kamara got a racist insult in a match with his club team. The players of the Owls showed their support to Kamara on Monday before the rehearsals by wearing shirts with the text “I stand with Glen”.

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– Complete NO to racism in all its forms. One of us was subjected to a racist attack both on the playing field and on social media. We stood and stand beside Glen. Just as we stand behind human rights alongside many other European national teams. Both are extremely important to us.

Owls concluded his message by saying that the focus now is to “show what the Owls are capable of on the playing field”.

– We come to the field in our own colors, in Finnish jerseys, wearing them proudly. But bearing in mind, however, that not everyone is as lucky as we who are allowed to represent our country, live in freedom and be players on a national team of many different backgrounds – without prejudice to each other, united and tolerant.

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