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Over the water. When will you swim in the Seine?

The Seine and the river banks in Paris, March 21, 2021 (MOHAMMED BADRA / EPA / MAXPPP)
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Célia Blauel, assistant to the city of Paris, responsible for the Seine and foresight is the guest of Catherine Pottier today. The pollution of the Seine has decreased, even if great efforts remain to be made so that the river is cleaned up by 2024 and allow the practice of certain Olympic disciplines.

30 years ago, Jacques Chirac said on May 15, 1990: “Today fish from the Seine are perfectly edible. At the last census more than 25 different fish found adequate living conditions in the Seine, this is why I say that we can make a river clean, I have to elsewhere indicated that in 3 years, I will go swimming in the Seine to show that the Seine has become a clean river. “

In 1990, Jacques Chirac was mayor of Paris and reiterated a campaign promise on the set of Jean-Marie Cavada’s show. “The March of the Century”.
The former president has never bathed in the Seine, but 31 years later, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, promises that the Seine will be cleaned up by 2024, to allow the organization of certain events of the Games Olympic.
It is particularly about swimming in open water, and the triathlon facing the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadero.

To achieve swimming, the level of E.coli bacteria and enterococci must fall below a certain threshold. Since the summer, the first results have been encouraging, but not yet sufficient to allow swimming.
There are many pollutants in the Seine, some of which are extremely harmful to humans, in particular these bacteria E. Coli and enterococci which are markers of feces. They come directly from the dirty water that flows into the Seine.

A major project is currently underway to clean up the Seine, but also the Marne, located upstream. All the restaurants and all the residential boats that are on the Seine and the Marne (the main tributary of the river) will have to connect to the sewers so that their dirty water does not flow directly into the Seine.

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Rehabilitation work has also been launched in the main wastewater treatment plants located upstream of Paris. The water they discharge into the Seine is already treated but insufficiently to allow swimming. They will therefore be equipped with new materials to treat E.coli bacteria and enterococci.

Célia Blauel believes that the Olympic Games are a unique opportunity to invest in sustainable water quality.
The city of Paris and local communities are also working on eliminating the bad connections of certain pavilions which discharge their dirty water into the countryside when it should go into the sewers.

We must clean up the Seine but also the Marne. The site is colossal but not impossible. A few years ago, the Villette basin was faced with the same issues as the Seine. The space is smaller, but the work that has been undertaken has made it possible to open the site to swimming.

At the level of the Austerlitz bridge, the city of Paris is also building a large underground reservoir intended to contain wastewater. A major asset in the event of heavy rains, when the capital’s sewers are saturated and the wastewater flows into the Seine. It will have a capacity of 80,000 cubic meters and should be completed at the end of 2023 by early 2024.

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