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Oscar de la Hoya announced his match in July – Boxing

Boxing legend Oscar de la Hoya, 48, is busy returning to the ring.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson returned spectacularly to the boxing ring last November, another heavyweight champion Evander Holyfieldiä has been tucked back into the ring and now a third U.S. boxing giggle is on its way back.

Nicknamed golden boy boxing known Oscar de la hoya has announced a match on July 3rd. It tells about this, among other things BBC.

De la Hoyan, 48 ,’s boxing career ended in 2008. In the last match, in December 2008, he lost Manny pacquiaolle.

– On the third of July, I will make my comeback then, de la Hoya announced on Friday Jake Paulin and I am the soldier in the context of a briefing on the international boxing match between

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After his announcement, de la Hoya dropped the microphone and left the scene. He was interviewed at the press conference by a rap star Snoop Dogg.

Oscar de la Hoya announced his return at a press conference. He was interviewed by Snoop Dogg.­

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De la Hoya’s future opponent is unknown.

He has previously said he was inspired by Mike Tyson’s return to the boxing ring.

As an amateur de la Hoya won the lightweight series Olympic gold in Barcelona in 1992. During his 16-year professional career, he held 11 World Championship titles in six different weight classes.

De la Hoya has remained close to boxing even after his career. He has his own Golden Boy promotion office.

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