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One shameful moment and foolishness permanently destroyed the impeccable sergeant’s military career – Kotimaa

It was out of place, and the employer felt no mercy.

Not in the slightest drug use is not tolerated in the Defense Forces.

It was felt in the skins of a sergeant who, he said, had studied and done a tremendous amount of work for his career and job description. He worked as a temporary clearing diver, and he also served as a trainer and supervisor for conscript divers.

The man had a completely blameless background before July 2011, when he said there was a “shameful moment and nonsense”. According to the man, it was a one-time mistake.

Man bought from strangers 10 milliliters of lacquer and 0.3 grams of cocaine, which the man tasted. He paid 80 euros for the materials.

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Police found the man in possession of a Minigrip bag containing remnants of substances inside. The man received a 30-day fine for a drug use offense and a slight smuggling of imported goods.

The man had to be interviewed by his employer. The man said he deeply regretted his actions, and he would have liked to continue his military career.

Man would have agreed to drug monitoring if the case had resulted in a less severe civil sanction than dismissal. According to him, the man is not an addict of drugs or other intoxicants.

But mercy did not rage. The man was fired. Namely, professional soldiers are also required to behave in their free time. It is the duty of a professional soldier to behave in such a way that confidence in the performance of the tasks of the Defense Forces is not shaken. The man appealed the dismissal to the administrative court, but to no avail. The termination remained in force.

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– The appellant has behaved in a manner which did not meet the standards of conduct and integrity required of an official in his position and position by using, possessing, cessing and participating in the acquisition of cocaine, the Helsinki Administrative Court found, inter alia.

The December decision has become final. The man’s military career was destroyed.

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