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One of the main sponsors rejected Tappara, the next is seriously thinking about the sequel: “Let’s put everything on the table” – SM League

Abloy, one of Tappara’s main partners, wants Tappara to take strong action in resolving the interest rate mess.

Tampere Tappara is a solvent society, but the year of the corona has substantially limited its ability to operate. On top of all that, Tappara has been indifferent to corona regulations.

The club gave the sports executive To Jukka Rautakorvi warning as this had prompted junior players with corona to practice at the Hakametsä training hall.

Fooling around on Friday led to Tapparan partner Terveystalo terminated the cooperation agreement with the club.

Also in others Tappara’s main sponsors have been following the news from Pirkanmaa in recent days. Ilta-Sanomat reached Abloy’s sales director Jari Perälä to comment on the situation.

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Safety is one of the cornerstones of Abloy. How do you view Tappara’s actions with regard to corona regulations?

– Naturally, Abloy takes safety and responsibility very seriously, demanding the same from its partners, Perälä says.

What about the agreement with Tappara. Are you going to negotiate with the club on this issue?

– The first thing, of course, always requires that. taking immediate care of things, Perälä says.

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– Secondly, we want to see that these repairs and measures are implemented. After that, we will look at the situation again.

According to Perälä, the alliance between Abloy and Tappara may not continue.

– In any case, the agreement is for a fixed period and all matters are put on the table whenever negotiations are held.

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