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One of Sweden’s most sustainable houses will soon be built – in Kiruna’s new center

150 km north of the Arctic Circle is the mining town of Kiruna. Despite long dark winters, it is now planned for a six-storey house – of 6,500 square meters – which will be partly operated with solar cells on the roof.

In the first quarter of 2023, construction will be completed in Kiruna’s new center with the town hall as a neighbor.

– Then maybe you think about whether this will work in Kiruna, where there is snow about six months a year. But despite that, we expect that there is a sustainable precondition for this, says Hendrik Visser, business developer.

Will use other sustainable energy sources

A zero-energy house is defined by the building not using more energy during the year than it itself supplies. The construction company estimates that the solar cells on the roof will supply the office building with energy six months a year. During the winter, energy is supplied via other sustainable energy sources.

– The heating is added and for them we thought we would have district heating. What we do not achieve with solar cells on the roof, we will buy from sustainable energy sources such as wind power or solar power from elsewhere, says Hendrik Visser.

Reaches the highest level on the “environmental map”

The building will be erected and operated in accordance with Skanska’s highest certification level. This means that the house can be classified as one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in Sweden in terms of energy, climate, materials and water.

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– During the construction phase, we will follow up that all material can be recycled when the building is to be demolished at some point in the future. We work according to a sustainable strategy that we call the green map where we follow up energy, climate, materials and water. This house will be dark green, which is the highest level, says Hendrik Visser, business developer.

In the video above, you can hear more about Kiruna’s first sustainable and energy-efficient house.

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