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One ingredient may even double the amount of fat in the liver: “No one should be part of anyone’s diet except quite occasionally” – Health

Fructose is more harmful to the liver and fatty liver than other sugars.

Many people look at the amount of fat or salt in the list of ingredients in their products, but you should also pay attention to fructose.

According to a recent study, the high consumption of fructose, or fructose, significantly worsens hepatic steatosis.

Journal of Hepatology -in leaf published the swiss study included 94 healthy young men, some of whom drank plenty of sweetened drinks for seven weeks. The drinks contained either fructose, glucose or sucrose, i.e. table sugar containing both fructose and glucose. The drinks were consumed a total of six deciliters per day.

Some of the subjects belonged to the control group, i.e., their diet did not include sweetened beverages. The caloric intake of the subjects was considered similar.

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The researchers found that within a few weeks, participants who drank fructose- or sucrose-sweetened beverages had doubled their own body fat production in the liver compared with the control group and those who drank only glucose. The effect on the liver also continued for more than 12 hours after consuming fructose-sweetened beverages.

Fructose is found, for example, in sweetened soda and juices.­

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Professor of Clinical Nutrition Kirsi Virtanen The University of Eastern Finland states that the result is in line with previous studies. Health Library by products rich in fructose syrup have also been found to increase mid-body obesity and insulin resistance.

– It has been known for some time that fructose is more harmful to the liver and fatty liver than other sugars. It is stored as fat in the liver more easily, Virtanen says.

Therefore, avoidance of fructose is especially recommended for people who are at higher risk of developing liver fat or whose liver is already obese. According to research, as many as a quarter of Finnish adults have fatty liver.

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Don’t avoid fruits!

Fructose is used in many sweetened preparations, such as soda and juices. People easily get too much fructose from sweetened drinks, says professor of nutrition therapy at the University of Eastern Finland Ursula Schwab.

– In the United States, for example, high-fructose corn syrup is used for sweetening, which has been modified to have a particularly high fructose content. It is convenient because fructose is sweeter than glucose. When you drink half a liter of a drink with this, fructose already comes in quite a lot compared to other foods and drinks, Schwab says.

Fructose is also present in fruits and berries, but they should not be avoided. Schwab states that no amount of fructose can be obtained from fruit and berries in the same way as sweetened beverages.

In population studies, higher use of fruit and berries has also been found to be associated with, for example, a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Although berries and fruits contain fructose, they are also rich in fiber, which slows down the absorption of sugars.

– On the other hand, sweetened drinks should not be part of anyone’s diet except quite occasionally. No one needs them, Schwab stresses.

In the drinking recommendations of the State Nutrition Advisory Board statesThe adult can drink a glass of full juice a day, but otherwise juices, soft drinks and sugary or greasy coffee, tea and milk drinks should be consumed only occasionally.

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