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On the front page of the Kinshasa press: the process of appointing the president of the Ceni is launched

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« Electoral reforms: The ambiguity of religious denominations “. This headline on the front page of the newspaper The potential calls on the eight religious denominations officially recognized in the DRC and ” which are already active, according to this daily, the appointment of the future leader of the Independent National Electoral Commission ». « They required in advance in-depth reforms of the entire electoral system, including the audit of the management of the outgoing office », Adds the newspaper.

The potential is surprised that these religious denominations have already launched a call for candidates for the appointment of the new president of the Ceni. ” By inverting the pyramid in this way, did the religious leaders choose to put the cart before the horse? ? “Ask our colleagues from Potential, who also wonder ” why this rush when, during the double opening of the March session, the two Presidents of the Chambers of Parliament placed the issue of electoral reforms among the priorities “. For the newspaper The potential, it smells of politics.

Forum des As, another daily, tells us that while wishing Prime Minister Sama Lukonde good luck, the FCC is non-partisan for the government. According to this newspaper, the political family of former President Joseph Kabila announced its position in a statement last Thursday to mean that ” those among the members of the FCC who, tempted by the race to share illegitimate positions, will find themselves in this government, will therefore be in contradiction with the values ​​and options of the FCC family “. For the FCC, explains Forum des As, we are in front of a ” systematic denial of the Constitution, laws and regulations that govern the political governance of the country “. And the daily added: “ The kabilist platform speaks of an anchoring in illegality and a manifest contempt With regard to the RD-Congolese constitution.

Arrest of Belarusian Alexander Zingman

« Coup d’etat defused? »This is the interrogative title of the daily The Republic. This newspaper mentions in its columns the dossier of the arrest of Belarusian Alexander Zingman, ” a file that must be taken seriously by the Congolese authorities », Adds this daily. The newspaper reports that this character passes for a specialist in supplying weapons of war to several states including Zambia and Zimbabwe. ” He was arrested in Lubumbashi when he got off the plane that brought him back from Kinshasa, in the company of another Belarusian and an Italian businessman. », Writes The Republic, who thinks that the Congolese journey of Belarus could have borne seeds of destabilization of the country’s institutions. This newspaper affirms that it has elements to support this thesis, especially since the man stayed in the capital without contacting any official.

Death of Honoré Gbanda

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Honoré Gbanda ” Terminator »Died in Morocco. It is Lighthouse, another daily, which announces the death at the age of 75 of Marshal Mobutu Sese Seko’s last special adviser on security. ” He was a technocrat in several hats before discovering himself, during exile, from 1997 to 2021, the soul of a politician within a political party founded far from the country, the Alliance des patriotes pour la refondation du Congo. », Can we still read in the newspaper Lighthouse. « After the speech of April 24, 1994 proclaiming the end of the end of the dictatorship, it is one of the hawks of Marshal Mobutu “, Recalls the daily which underlines that” hawks were labeled as status quo characters, allergic to any change in governance at the top of the state. They were ready to arrest, torture and even kill their compatriots who thought the era of dictatorship was over. Ironically, like Mobutu, Honoré Gbanda died in Morocco. »

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