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on the coast, restaurateurs want to reopen the terraces



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On the Basque coast, little affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, restaurant owners are tempted to reopen the terraces. With good weather, tourists are back, but have to eat on the beach.

On the beach of Anglet, near Biarritz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), Tuesday March 30, some tourists come to enjoy the sun and the sea: the opportunity to forget the virus for a moment. There is a line in front of the beach restaurants. Only take-away is allowed: customers must eat on the beach or on the embankment. “It’s completely illogical, knowing that on the beach we can find groups of people with each other, while there, we could enjoy the tables”, Considers a customer, annoyed.

In this department, Covid-19 is making little progress: the incidence rate is even four times below the national rate. Some restaurateurs in the Basque Country are asking the government to be able to test the reopening of the terraces at noon. “We are ready to “police” our establishment to ensure that people comply with health regulations.“, explains Laurent Salles, restaurateur. They are also asking for access to vaccination for all employees in the sector in contact with customers.

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