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On Swedish TV, Amanda Harkimo let out words that made a huge uproar – she immediately realized that things are done very differently in Finland – TV & movies

How much reality TV is scripted and participants are instructed to do certain things? Amanda Harkimo has agreed to say provocative things when production has asked for it.

Amanda Harkimon, 30, according to the events of reality TV programs may be based on the wishes of the production groups, which strongly influence the outcome.

– I have never been forced to do anything, but I have often been asked to do some things or say something specific, Harkimo says.

Harkimo feels that interviews in filming on reality TV are the most common way to influence the content of programs. The questions of the interviews are carefully arranged so that the participant’s answer would increase the entertainment value of the program as much as possible and include provocative sentences.

– In interviews, you can also be asked to say something specific. You can then decide for yourself whether or not to join. In the reality TV world, it is quite easy to say and do what is asked, Harkimo says.

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Harkimo has been involved in, among other things Big Brother-, Hottikset, Temptation Island– Yes Martina and lifeguards series. He feels that the production team made particularly high hopes in Temptation Island, for example, where drama is expected in couple relationships.

– They hoped that the participants would pay attention to what is going on around them. The end result can be influenced, for example, by throwing a mic under the bed if something dramatic is happening.

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Amanda Harkimo participated in the Martina and Lifeguards program in 2015.­

Harkimo has also participated To the Swedish Paradise Hotel. According to him, there was a big difference between the script and design of reality TV between Finland and Sweden, because in Sweden, the events of the Paradise Hotel were directed a lot.

The production could put its keys into the game, for example, if a popular character was dropping out of the race. They could give the competitor immunity and save him from falling.

– In Sweden, the whole story was introduced quite a lot by constantly changing events and rules.

According to Harkimo, during the filming, however, no attempt was made in Sweden to get participants to say certain things in the same way as in Finland. Instead, for the presentation of the program, he was asked to say provocative things.

– It became a big thing, when I said that “I’m Amanda, Finland’s most beautiful woman”. That was what the production asked for and what I agreed to.

Harkimo was one of Temptation Island singles in 2018.­

Harkimo feels that the more reality TV you do, the better you learn to understand what is worth doing and what is not.

– First-timers can be really excited about reality TV, and they may not realize that saying something can cause a huge uproar.

– Today, I understand for myself that small things can become big scandals. Between the production is asked to say such strange things that I have said that that does not suit me.

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