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On average, the oldest cars in Finland are located in North Karelia – Cars

Finland’s car fleet is still aging, but the average age of cars also varies greatly from province to province.

Finland’s car fleet is aging year by year, and there is no change in the situation this year either. At the end of the year, the average age of our country’s car fleet is approaching 13 years.

New cars are currently being registered in Finland at such a slow pace that the annual target of 150,000 new cars is very far away. With the target number, the aging of the car fleet would stop, but last year’s balance, for example, was only 96,415 new cars, which is 15.6 percent less than in 2019.

At the end of last year, the average age of Finnish passenger cars was 12.5 years. However, there is significant variation in the age of racing games by province. On average, the oldest cars in Finland can be found in North Karelia, where they are on average 14.5 years old – that is, about the model year 2007. Kainuu (14.4 years) and South Ostrobothnia (14.2 years) are not very far away either.

Old Nissans, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz are a common sight in Eastern Finland.­

On average, the most recent walks in Finland are in Uusimaa, where they are 10.2 years old. In comparison, the cars of North Karelia are significantly – 4.3 years – older. In percentage terms, the age in the region of Eastern Finland is about 40 percent higher than in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Ilomantsi is a small migration loss in North Karelia. There is a lot of old car stock in the street view. Kick sledding is a common sight in winter Ilomantsi.­

Ilta-Sanomat photographed the car fleet of a typical North Karelian municipality, the small Ilomantsi, in March.

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