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OM dismisses case against security guards Baudet who assaulted protester | NOW

The case against two security guards of Thierry Baudet has been dropped, the OM East Brabant reports on Thursday. The security guards of the Forum for Democracy Leader detained a demonstrator in Den Bosch for some time last year. The public prosecutor believes that they are guilty of criminal offenses, but they are not brought to court.

The party leader of FVD was present at the Parade in Den Bosch on 6 June 2020 for a flyer campaign and the recording of a promotional video. Demonstrator Jasper van den Elshout wanted to take action by collecting the party’s flyers in a box with the text “old paper here please”.

Security guards hired by Baudet attempted to get the protester to leave that afternoon. The guards arrested him on suspicion of threatening the politician. The man was grasped and forced to his knees and his arms were turned on his back.

Baudet previously denied Beau that there was aggression on the part of his security guards. According to the politician, the man provoked and harassed him. “He wanted to walk up to me and not tell me what was in that box.”

According to the Public Prosecution Service, this is a criminal offense, because there was no reason to think that the man threatened Baudet. The two security guards should not have forced the man to his knees via this civilian arrest. Still, the two are not prosecuted, because, according to the OM, they are already affected by the consequences of their action. They received fewer assignments after the event and run the risk of losing their security guards permit.

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The public prosecutor does not consider it a criminal offense for the man to be arrested, but charges the guards for the injury. “We conclude that both guards are criminally responsible for the pain and injuries inflicted on the victim. In our view, there is also open violence or mistreatment by the guards.”

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