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OM demands prison sentences against teenagers for months of terror of boys (15) | NOW

Four boys are on trial for terrorizing a fifteen-year-old fellow townsman and his family in Haarlem. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) is demanding prison sentences of up to almost two years and juvenile detention for attempted murder. The prosecutor spoke of “very serious facts and an incessant terror.”

The fifteen-year-old victim was involved with the then seventeen-year-old main suspect in an incident during New Year’s Eve 2020 when they blew up the facade of a pancake restaurant in the Reinaldapark in Haarlem with a firework bomb. The seventeen-year-old was seriously injured.

Subsequently, a quarrel ensued between the two. According to the OM, the main suspect wanted to take revenge on the fifteen-year-old from that moment on. That would have been the reason for a series of incidents for months at a time against the victim and his family.

The Haarlemmer gathered friends to carry out his plans. From the beginning of February 2020, the 15-year-old boy and his family were terrorized. The incidents went from bad to worse; from vandalism and threatening texts in graffiti to personal threats with a knife and stones through the windows.

Burning explosive detonated in victim’s mother’s face

The low point, according to the OM, was an attempted murder when the mother of the fifteen-year-old boy was seriously injured after a burning explosive, thrown through the letterbox, exploded in her face.

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The neighborhood was startled by the attack on the family’s house on Vrijheidsweg in Haarlem-Oost. Mayor Jos Wienen then talked to the shocked neighbors after they had written him a letter.

Cameras were installed by the municipality and the police and an important part of the police capacity was deployed in the neighborhood during that period. Peace did not return until the suspects had been arrested.

Even after that, the violence of the four did not stop. The victim’s grandmother’s car was set on fire, an attempt was made to set fire to the home and a fragmentation bomb exploded in the backyard.

The Public Prosecution Service demanded an unconditional juvenile detention of 22 months against the main suspect, along with juvenile TBS. A 22-month juvenile detention has also been demanded against the one year younger ‘executor’ of the plans, part of which is subject to conditions.

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Lower sentences have been demanded against the other two suspects, from juvenile detention to work and school sentences. The judge’s decision will follow on April 9.

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