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OM demands eight years in prison for attempted murder of sex worker in the Red Light District | NOW

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) has demanded eight years in prison against a 25-year-old Volendammer for the serious assault of a sex worker in her own home in the Red Light District last March. He is suspected of attempted manslaughter. The woman is still in a coma and does not respond to stimuli.

The suspect was arrested in the victim’s home on March 1, 2020 and has been detained ever since. He had called the emergency number himself, but also lost the connection. More than an hour later, he contacted the police again.

It then took some time before emergency services were on site at the house on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal, because after the report it was not immediately clear what was going on and where exactly it had happened.

The then 37-year-old woman worked the night from Saturday February 29 to Sunday March 1 behind the window in the Red Light District. On the way back from a party, the 25-year-old Volendammer says she went into her house on a whim, after which they eventually went to the victim’s house together. He has stated that he was angry and pushed the victim. He says he doesn’t know what happened afterwards.

Disagreement about payment

Police investigations have revealed that there was a disagreement that morning about payment. This is evident both from the many messages that the woman has sent to her partner and from messages from the suspect to a friend of his. The suspect states that he had to make several payments to the woman who did not want to let him go.

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The investigation shows that the woman was kicked and beaten hard several times. All over the victim’s body there are bruises and life-threatening injuries. The current medical situation of the woman the OM calls “extremely sad and sad”. “There is no communication possible, it is not clear whether she reacts to stimuli and she cannot eat let alone move independently.”

Suspect acting “disproportionately”

The suspect was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine and stated that he was paranoid at the time. The OM believes that the man has put himself in that condition. The public prosecutor also thinks he could have done more to get help.

“The fact that the victim took money from him and did not want to let him go is not nice. It is good to imagine that the suspect has become irritated by this. But in my opinion it is not serious enough to do something about it. the accountability of the suspect. His actions have been so disproportionate to what was done to him. This may be explained by his alcohol and drug use, but he is to blame for this, “said the officer in her requisitoir.

When determining the sentence, the public prosecutor took into account the fact that the suspect has no criminal record, shows insight into what he has done and is concerned about it.

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