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Olympic Committee: “It is critical for the well-being of children that recreation is not subject to mobility restrictions” – Sport

The Olympic Committee appealed to decision-makers on behalf of children’s sports.

Olympic Committee on Friday, petitioned decision-makers on behalf of children’s physical activity. The Olympic Committee hopes that children’s opportunities for exercise could be maintained if freedom of movement is restricted in the current corona situation.

The Olympic Committee issued a petition entitled “Children must be protected even during the restricted period”. Sports enthusiasts hope that children’s exercise would be possible both outdoors and indoors during mobility restrictions.

– It is critical for the well-being of children that hobbies are not subject to mobility restrictions. Interruption of physical activity would cause serious harm to children who have already suffered significantly from the crisis, Olympic Committee CEO Mikko Salonen assesses the situation of children in the bulletin.

Olympic Committee proposed that the government’s proposal be clarified in the parliamentary deliberations so that “exceptions to the restrictions clearly state the possibility for those born in 2008 and later to exercise in a supervised manner not only outdoors but also indoors”.

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At the same time, in the opinion of the Olympic Committee, the law should ensure the possibility for a parent or a relative to transport a child to hobbies, as well as the access of sports instructors to hobbies.

The Olympic Committee affirms that the sports community is committed to carrying out children’s hobbies responsibly and in a safe manner.

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