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Olympic champion Tom Daley, who went from diving to 10 meters to knitting during the first confinement

Tom Daley, Olympic 10-meter diving medalist, Instagram star of knitting. (B2820 / MAXPPP)

This should speak to all those traumatized by confinement, those who overnight found themselves idle at home, stressed, oppressed, and finally forced to embark on an unforeseen activity to overcome all that: baking bread, get into fitness, learn to play an instrument …

For Tom Daley, 26, a two-time Olympic diving medalist confined to London, the change a year ago was embodied in a pair of knitting needles and a ball of yarn. “When it all stopped, a year ago, he said, I quickly found myself in a sort of constant worry, wondering to the point of exhaustion when things would get back to normal. This is where I got into knitting, to focus, calm myself, clear my mind, and it worked. “

Like any good beginner, he started with a scarf, but very quickly, over the weeks, he went upmarket: socks, sweaters, unicorn plush for his son, table decorations and even plant pot for his houseplant. . Very successful pieces and visible on the Instagram account opened by Tom Daley, specially dedicated to knitting.

A few days ago, his latest creation won him several press articles (in le Daily Mail or The Guardian): a dress, black and white, a true copy of a model sold for 1,700 euros by the luxury brand Gucci, particularly complex to make but that our diver says he made with scraps of wool, for his best friend, who bears on the photo. Impressive result, not to say prodigious, at the same time, prodigies, that knows him.

Tom Daley has been the English swimming prodigy for 15 years. He was the youngest national diving champion in the under-18 category when he was ten. European Champion at 13 years old. World champion at 14. The kind who learns quickly, very quickly and very well. Who is fully committed.

So when he started knitting, he didn’t stop at the first deconfinement. Even today, as he prepares for the Tokyo Games, Tom Daley knits. A perseverance that enchants its subscribers. Maybe because his obsession puts us face to face with our own and asks us the question: of all the things we wanted to change in our lives a year ago, of everything we started, finally, what have we kept ?

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