Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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Olsen on the next pandemic: “Corona a caress in comparison”

The UN states that new pandemics cannot be avoided. Viruses that are transmitted from animals to humans will become more common as humans continue to ravage untouched nature. Via the large food markets with slaughtered wild animals, so-called bushmeat, the risk of infection is great.

– The food markets are a gigantic public health problem. Not just for biodiversity, says Björn Olsen.

The next time a pandemic is imminent, Olsen believes it will be a new flu virus, something that can be deeply problematic.

– Then the corona pandemic can be like a caress in comparison, because a flu is incredibly much more contagious. If it is a new flu where there is no herd immunity at all, it will be able to spread faster through all different age groups, says Olsen.

Olsen: We need a monitoring system

He believes that the ecological barriers where humans come close to the animals that infect must be broken. One of them may be to eat less meat.

– If we try to eat more locally produced, the points of contact for new pandemics will decrease. But we also need a monitoring system where you look for problematic viruses and problems with a more aggressive sampling, says Björn Olsen.

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