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Oils, vitamins, makeup … How to take care of your eyelashes?

Like your skin, nails or hair, you need to take care of your eyelashes to keep them healthy. Because if we neglect them too long, we must expect to see them fall much more easily. To avoid it, nothing better than castor oil, to leave on overnight or to pour drop by drop into your mascara tube.

“You have to turn to products that are rich in vitamins. B8, or biotin, is good for the hair and for the eyelashes. You can also bet on amino acids, things that will help produce keratin, c ‘that is to say the fiber of the eyelash and the eyebrow or the hair. This is what will boost the bulbs of the eyelashes and eyebrows. They will fall less easily when you rub or touch them “, advises Maela Le Breuil, Director of Development of the Even brand. The specialist also recommends blinking your eyes to permanently hydrate the bulb that carries the eyelash.

Mascara and heating tongs

From a cosmetic point of view, several techniques exist to enlarge the gaze and give volume to the eyelashes. “To curl the eyelashes, we have little tips. For example, we have heated tweezers that can be applied in the morning. We also have the solution to do eyelash enhancement in a salon. For that, we apply a silicone patch and we put on an eyelash enhancement product that will give a natural curve. It lasts between two and three months, “explains Maud Ravier, founder of Maud Dermo-Esthétique.

Another basic touch to have beautiful eyelashes is to make up them with mascara. Be careful, you absolutely have to remember to remove your makeup before going to bed. “You have to remove the pollution, the sweat, the excess sebum that you have during the day. The make-up removal will let the eyelashes breathe. Because the mascara that you leave overnight is dry and makes a kind of little crust around it. eyelashes. If you don’t remove it, the eyelash is stuck in this matrix. Not to mention the mascara will run into the eyes overnight. “

Silk thread eyelash extensions

For those who don’t have time for regular makeup every morning, there are more or less durable alternatives, such as eyelash extensions that last about three weeks. “If you want a natural result, we’ll take a silk lash, something very, very fine. We stick it on all natural lashes. And for people who want something even more sophisticated, we can bet on the ‘Russian volume’. We will then apply three or four threads per eyelash. The density will be completely different “, specifies Maud Ravier. To do this, you have to go to a beauty salon and count between 100 and 250 euros.

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