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of cinemas organize “alternative” screenings in the face of their prolonged closure

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                French cinemas have been closed since October 29.  With no reopening date announced, angry industry professionals organized private screenings with audiences this weekend.  Made legal by a government decree, the initiative was taken by the Association of Independent Cinema for its distribution and by the National Group of Research Cinemas.

                                    <p><span><span><span><em>With our special correspondent in Ivry-sur-Seine</em>, <strong>Matthieu bonhoure</strong></span></span></span>

About ten people wait in front of the entrance to the Le Luxy cinema. The guests introduce themselves, cardboard in hand. “ I rushed, because I am in need of cinema. For me it’s important, because I focus well on the film, something I do less at home : It is not the same », Explains a spectator before giving her name to the reception and entering the room.

Spectators take their seats to watch a documentary on feminism. When you leave the room, you can see smiles behind the masks : « I felt really very moved and it is true that we very quickly forget this sharing of laughter, reactions, emotions », Summarizes another spectator.

Hélène Milano, co-president of the Association of independent cinema for its distribution (ACID), one of the two associations behind this initiative, explains the approach : « It is extremely unfair : the whole sector has been extremely responsible, the health protocols were put in place immediately and were respected at all times. So misunderstanding is major in the face of this closure which lasts. »

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With hydro-alcoholic gel at the entrance, reduced public and one in two seats condemned, professionals in the sector say they are ready to reopen, with a new sanitary protocol if necessary

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