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Now the swans have landed at Hednoret – Famous sign of spring among the Bodens

– I have gone here and looked for them in recent years because it is clearly a sign of spring and it has become a tourist attraction for us in Boden and when I posted the video in a group for Bodensare I got almost immediately 230 likes, says Malin Magnusson.

About 30 swans had arrived yesterday.

– There is usually a large group only then it is filled with more swans in the coming days, says Malin Magnusson.

Many stop by to check

Many bodensare also usually stop by the car to look at the swans.

– Yes, because they come to the same place every year where the ice melts first and they were also punctual this year for my mother writes a diary and it only differed a few days from when they came last year, says Malin Magnusson.

And in the group for bodensare on social media, there were many who cheered over the sign of spring.

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– Then they will soon come to Kuoka. Usually always come to Easter, writes one of the members of the group.

In the video, you see the swans swimming around where the spring ice has melted.

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