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Now is a good time to treat an irregular sleep rhythm – 7 tips from your doctor for better sleep when light increases – Health

Switching to summer time steals an hour of sleep.

If you woke up more tired than usual, you may be one of those Finns from whom the transition to summer time requires more adaptation.

Terveystalo says that some people are completely neutral about moving hands, but for others the change is more challenging.

As the amount of light increases, especially nightmares tend to stretch even more at bedtime.

“As the mornings become longer and the evenings brighter, many people make the mistake of monitoring for too long, which causes most of the problems,” says the doctor and sleep business director. Eevert Partinen In Terveystalo’s press release.

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– On bright evenings, you shouldn’t be fooled, you should go to bed at the same time as before, he says.

Sleep difficulties increase towards summer

If your sleep rhythm is irregular, now is a good time to get it right. Nights that become brighter towards summer can be very problematic for sleep.

Research Professor at the Department of Health and Welfare Timo Partonen said in our previous storythat when there is enough light at the “wrong” time of day, the quality of sleep easily suffers.

– According to a Finnish study, sleep difficulties occur most in the summer, he said.

It is really worth focusing on improving the quality of sleep, because sleep that is constantly too low is a risk to health.­

Someone may experience that they don’t need as much sleep at all during the summer as they do during the winter.

– Increasing, excessive light refreshes and creates the feeling of not having to sleep as much.

However, Partonen pointed out that the average need for sleep is only less than 10 minutes less in summer than in winter.

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This will make your sleep better

Doctor Eevert Partinen gave tips for better sleep and moving to summer time:

1. Keep your rhythm regular

Try to follow as regular a rhythm as possible when working, resting, sleeping and eating. Go to bed and get up at the same time on weekdays, and if possible also on weekends and holidays.

2. Do not make up for sleep deprivation with a nap

It is not advisable to constantly make up for sleep deprivation with a nap, because if they stretch for more than 20-60 minutes or are timed too late, the sleep rhythm will start to tilt unfavorably later.

3. Stop struggling with too short a night’s sleep

The amount of adequate sleep is individual, but on average a person needs about 7-8 hours of sleep a night. You can identify your sleep needs by increasing your sleep time by half an hour – until your alertness is at the desired level after the night.

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4. Eat and exercise well

Exercise is an effective sleeping pill. Outdoor activities and light exercise before going to bed relax. Supportive meals should be scheduled outside of late at night, and alcohol, energy drinks, coffee, and other stimulants should be avoided after the early afternoon.

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5. Deal with mind-boggling things in a timely manner

Do not work in the evening. Doing work “from below” does not relax, but raises the state of alertness. Take care of other stressful things well in advance of the evening. When you actively go through the things that weigh your mind already during the day, you need to worry less at night.

6. Calm and Relax

Put your phone and other smart devices away in the evening and calm down for a couple of hours before going to bed, for example by reading a book or doing something else you like. Mindfulness exercises or relaxation methods help to calm down and promote falling asleep.

7. Get blackout curtains

In terms of sleep, the best bedroom is quiet, dark and cool. The most effective way to combat sleep-disturbing light is to equip the bedroom with blackout curtains.

Accumulating sleep debt insidiously leads to harm

It is really worth focusing on improving the quality of sleep, because sleep that is constantly too low is a risk to health.

Timo Partonen remindedthat if at any time of the year you sleep too little in relation to your own need for sleep, the longer-term disadvantages begin to appear.

– Accumulating sleep debt leads to being more tired during the day, blood pressure tends to rise and sugar tolerance to weaken.

– Because hunger strikes harder than usual after a night’s sleep that is too intermittent or light, the weight also tends to increase.

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