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No supervision in stores during the pay weekend

The pay weekend is a weekend that traditionally attracts extra customers to the stores and the past pay weekend was no exception.

Around Östergötland, an unusual amount of congestion was reported in the stores.

– We have received reports that there was a lot of congestion and we primarily carry out our supervision preventively to ensure that the operations have good preparation for this type of event, says Kristoffer Hellberg, unit manager at the County Administrative Board in Östergötland.

Low compliance

The County Administrative Board is the supervisory authority and has the opportunity to issue fines and injunctions if businesses do not carry out their assignments.

It is mainly about encouraging customers to keep their distance, shop themselves and that a maximum number of people can stay in one and the same store at the same time.

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– Then it is up to the customers to comply with it and unfortunately compliance is low in some places, says Kristoffer Hellberg.

Be not in place

This weekend, there were an unusual number of people out in the shops, but the County Administrative Board was not on site to carry out any inspections.

– We have been out previous weekends to see that the routines work and it does in most businesses, but then there are problems from certain parts of the public.

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In the video above, Kristoffer Hellberg tells why they were not out this particular pay weekend.

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