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no new restrictions for the 16 departments classified as “ red ”


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The journalist France Télévisions Jean-Baptiste Marteau followed the press conference of Olivier Véran, Thursday evening March 25. He takes stock for the 19/20 news.

Thursday evening March 25, Olivier Véran spoke at a press conference. In particular, he announced new measures concerning the Aube, the Nièvre and the Rhône. However, no new restrictions have been decided on for the 16 departments already subject to severe constraints since last week. “Olivier Véran has clearly said that it takes at least ten days to measure the first effects of a measure. It is therefore in theory in the middle of next week that we will start to see if the strategy is the right one or not.“, estimates the journalist Jean-Baptiste Marteau, live from the Ministry of Health, Thursday evening.

In addition, within the Ministry of Health, we are already talking about possible adjustments from the beginning of next week. The reason is simple, as the journalist specifies: if, for example, we wish to bring the school holidays forward by two weeks in Île-de-France, we cannot announce it at the last moment to parents, especially since the said new holidays would start on April 2, in such a configuration.

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