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No my culpa for Macron, on the verge of beefing up his strategy against the Covid

DECRYPTIONEmmanuel Macron will not do “no mea culpa”. Coming out of a European Council by videoconference on Thursday, the President of the Republic refuted the idea that his health strategy to stem the third wave of Covid-19 was not the right one. However, he suggested that a new turn of the screw would be taken in the coming days, in the face of a new epidemic surge that no measure seems to be able to stop for the time being.

The failure of “braking without locking up”?

“On January 29, we should have confined? No. We were right not to confine France at the end of January, there was not the explosion foreseen by all the models, so I have no mea culpa to do, nor any remorse, nor any acknowledgment of failure “, declared the Head of State. And what if his interpretation of the curves is disputed and if some scientists had predicted the current explosion. “Depending on the evolution of the epidemic, we will take all the necessary measures in due time and there is in my view no taboo,” he added.

Emmanuel Macron explains his choices by this balance that he regularly invokes: mental health, young people, children’s education and protection of the economy. But this observation made, it nevertheless opens the way to new measures, as if it wanted to get out of the pattern in which it has locked itself since January, and which is illustrated by the formula “slow down without locking up” used last week by its Prime Minister Jean Castex to justify the relatively light re-containment of part of the territory.

Towards generalized re-containment

But in recent days, at the Elysee Palace as at Matignon, no one has made it a secret that new restrictions will have to be taken, draconian this time. The question of schools is more and more openly asked, by representatives of the opposition in particular, and a generalized confinement in Île-de France regularly mentioned.

If he assumes not to have confined in January, the President of the Republic announces in half-words a new, harsher sequence, as one of his relatives confirms to Europe 1: “Emmanuel Macron will not be the president who will sort the patients. If it is necessary to confine, he will confine! “

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