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No confidence for scouts | Actors in error | NOW

On our reaction platform NUjij, visitors can discuss the news and ask the editors questions. We receive tens of thousands of responses every week. In this weekly column we list the best contributions and discussions.

New scouts must regain confidence

Scouts Tamara van Ark (VVD) and Wouter Koolmees (D66) have the task of regaining confidence, after the much-discussed blunder of Kajsa Ollongren. As a result, Ollongren and Annemarie Jorritsma gave up their duties as scouts, delaying the formation.

According to reader Rob_Eppink, the new explorers are not the right people for this and he sees a fundamental problem.

“Experienced (former) politicians are usually chosen as scouts. Ms Jorritsma was an example of this. The quick appointment of Van Ark and Koolmees, both excellent ministers, makes me suspect the following; somehow there is a sense of this. haste and innovation will not yield this choice. ”

“We are in the middle of a Corona pandemic. But I think the appointment of a new cabinet is irrelevant. The real problems in this country first deserve a thorough re-, re- and recognition. That works better with people from outside.”

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“The current state of affairs does not bode well with regard to the fundamental problems in our country. But that is actually not to be expected from the current prime minister.”

Young actors under attack

Actors Bilal Wahib and Oussama Ahammoud were in the news last week for inciting an underage boy to show his genitals in a live stream. Wahib was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the incident.

On NUjij many people did not have a good word for the young actors, but Mazikeen_Smith could see the situation from two sides:

“I think this case is a bit double. It is probably meant as a grossly misguided joke, but there is no harm behind it. But Wahib does set an example and he even presents a youth program on the public broadcaster. So he should have known better. ”

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“As I have heard from various news sources, the images in question are already circulating on the internet and the life of the boy who has undergone this will not be easy in the near future. If it were to be prosecuted, I would not like to be in the chair of Probably there is no pedophilia and the first time he committed these facts, but of course it destroyed a life and as an adult with an exemplary function should have known better. ”

“My conclusion: career destroyed and a boy damaged for his life. In this case there are only losers.”

Going to church on Urk again?

The Sion Church in Urk has let go of the corona measures last weekend, because the consistory wants to meet “the need and the spiritual well-being” of the congregation. Some 350 to 400 people attended the church services last Sunday.

The Church could not count on much understanding from our readers, who share in the comments how long they have missed their favorite sport or have been out of education.

Anne_Bas is a loyal churchgoer, but also does not agree with the action of the church:

“I go to church (almost) every week, that is, when it is my turn to provide the online service for all those who stay at home with those few people at a distance of 1.5 meters. It is difficult and difficult, you miss the services, it misses to experience the connectedness this time and yes, even your soul salvation may take a dent… ”

“Well, then you immediately understand the world a lot better, it is currently full of people who are struggling, experience too little connection and are dented in all kinds of areas in their lives because of all the limitations!”

“Then love and compassion are appropriate, then you suffer with everyone and you stick to the rules and then the church ‘suffers’ even a little, that is very biblical! And then you do your extra best to persevere, no meetings, to ensure that hopefully we can get together again this year, celebrate, love, you name it. Whether in the church or on the terrace or on the sports field. ”

The best NUjij responses are selected based on the number of people who click on the ‘respect’ button and substantiation. The responses are not selected by political color – we do try to make a balanced selection, however.

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