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Niko Saari was asked to say things he couldn’t in a reality TV series – download direct words about the situation – TV & movies

Niko Saarinen is a reality TV veteran who knows exactly how to make reality TV. He also knows how to hold his own and refuse things that don’t seem his own.

One One of Finland’s toughest reality TV veterans is 34 years old Niko Saarinen. Saarinen made his reality TV debut At Big Brother in 2008. Over the past thirteen years, he has been seen, among other things In the stars of the jungle, Celebrity at Big Brother, Maisan and Niko on luxury trips, On the farm and currently being presented In the survivors.

According to Saarinen’s experience, the events of reality TV programs seen on TV are authentic and spontaneous, and it is not a drama created with a script.

– Every situation that the viewer sees is genuine. Do they tell the whole truth about the journey the participants have gone through? Not necessarily, because of course only the most shocking moments of all end up on television, Saarinen says.

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For reality TV series footage is often filmed on an hour-long basis, from which the episode shown on TV ends in just a few minutes. According to Saarinen, the greatest content design only takes place on the operating table, where an arc of drama is created for the episodes.

In the descriptions, he says, the production does little to interfere with the content, but the participants are allowed to say and do things as they wish.

– Everyday reality TV filming is really scheduled, we are transferred to competition venues and certain things are decided in advance, but the production does not interfere with our other things. They don’t tell me to talk to a certain person or act in a certain way, Saarinen says.

Saarinen was seen in the Jungle Stars series in 2013.­

According to Saarinen, what is written in the Survivors is, among other things, when the letter arrives in the tribe, what kind of race is known and when to go to the tribal council.

– However, those things are only known to the production. The main rule for everything is that the production is there, but we don’t quote them, and they don’t quote us.

Although the body of the program is scripted, there are no feelings, actions or discussions between the participants, according to Saarinen. He has never witnessed a situation where an attempt was made to change someone’s use or essence by a script.

– I have never seen anyone be forced to do things a certain way. Nor do I know that anyone would have been told to appear in a certain light.

According to Saarinen, however, attempts have been made to direct his statements a few times. Attempts have been made to put words in his mouth that did not fit him there.

– About five years ago, some productions have said that you could say this sentence? I said that I appear in this series as my own self, meaning I can’t have turns.

– I have done for so many years a true-screen TVs, I would leave the program with me all of a sudden would be one of the actor in my own name. No encounters between me and my encounters with my emotions or emotions.

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Saarinen was also seen in joint reality TV programs with Maisa Torpa. Pictured are friends in the spring of 2015.­

Niko Saarinen came to the public as BB-Niko in his twenties, who roared in the house with his rage. Picture from 2010.­

Saarisen instead, it is very common for different roles to be created for participants in the surgical phase, as different characters and confrontations fascinate viewers. He is used to seeing often outraged emotional outbursts on TV.

– Black was given a really one-sided picture in Big Brother, for example. It saw all those moments when I cried or was in the diary room barking at others, but never those points when I praised someone. That’s when viewers were left with the impression that those moments didn’t exist, even though it wasn’t true.

When he was younger, Saarinen could think about what he said and what he did on TV shows to get good entertainment from them. He wanted to provoke people and use it to create twists that speak to viewers.

Today, he will try to show the people of another, more mature side of themselves and to leave an additional meuhkaamisen off.

– I joined the survivors only because I want to appear in a new light. It can only succeed if I do it myself, and not if the production scripts me for some role or guides me.

Saarinen is currently being seen in the Survivors Finland series. He hopes to be able to show a new side of the program itself.­

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