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Home Sport Nikita Mazepin fumbled with a contract in Bahrain - Formula 1
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Nikita Mazepin fumbled with a contract in Bahrain – Formula 1

Nikas Mazepin, the arrival driver of the Haas stable, was relentlessly ridiculed.

Haas stable Russian buzzard Nikita Mazepinin the first time trial of his career in the F1 series was a complete disaster.

Mazepin remained a jumbo of time trials and at the same time got the wrath of the whole species. He ruined, among other things Sebastian Vettelin with his flapping of the last quick lap and made Vettel eliminated in the first part of the time trials.

– Oh no! Nikita Mazepin broke the gentleman’s rule that everyone should wait their turn to drive a fast lap. He overtook all the champions before the last bend and then spin on it. Because of that, the others could not drive hard. Nonsense mocha! former F1 driver Jolyon Palmer gust On the BBC.

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The grimaces of the net did not pity Mazepin, who was quickly nicknamed a new nickname Mazespin. He was also compared to a container ship blocked by the Suez Canal.

Perhaps the hardest however, the scorn was thrown by a former F1 driver Taki Inoue, who drove a miserable career in the mid-1990s with Simtek and Footwork cars.

The Japanese Inoue is widely regarded as the worst driver in modern F1 history, but also as a fun and self-ironic man. He wrote with joy on Twitter:

– Confirmed tough competitor Taki Inouelle. All the best to Mazepin!

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Mazepin, 22, who made an unspeakable career in the lower formula classes, made it to the F1 series with his father. Dmitrin with money.

Nikita Mazepin made a fuss even before her first F1 race when she uploaded a video to social media that she was scratching a woman’s breasts.

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