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Nikita Mazepin explained his flattery – Formula 1

Nikita Mazepin explained his actions after the time trials in Bahrain.

Haas stable newcomer Nikita Mazepinin The first times of his F1 career became a farce.

Mazepin, 22, remained a jumbo on the Bahrain track and managed to get the angers of other drivers around his neck. He broke the unwritten rule of F1 before his last quick lap and overtook several of his rivals waiting their turn.

The worst thing about the bump was that Mazepin spun right off the first corner and also ruined the round of drivers that came after him. For example Sebastian Vettel fell because of Mazepin from the sequel.

After the time trials, Mazepin explained his actions in the F1 series official website in an interview. He relied on instructions from his stable that he had to hurry for a quick lap.

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– To be really honest, I hadn’t heard of any gentlemen’s agreement. In the future, however, I will take that into account, Mazepin said.

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Russian driver explained his spins with the technical troubles of his car. The Haas brake-by-wire system, i.e. the automatically adjustable brake balance, did not work as it should have.

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