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Nikita Mazepin did not drive the worst debut race in history, the Italians claim – Formula 1

Nikita Mazepin became a common laughter on her first formula weekend in Bahrain.

Italian site Formula Passion raised the argument that Nikita Mazepinin, 22, the F1 debut was the worst in history. The Russian billionaire’s son survived three bends before spinning and suspending his first race in Bahrain last Sunday.

A poorer career start can be found, according to Italians, 19 years ago, at the Australian GP in Melbourne. At the beginning of the race, there was a mass crash on the starting line when Ralf Schumacher memorized Rubens Barrichellon behind and his Williams left the air for you.

Started his newcomer race Felipe Massa dodged Sauberilla on the grass side, drove the headland back to the track and collided Giancarlo Fisichellaan as well as his teammates Nick Heidfeldiin causing enormous additional damage. A total of eight cars were interrupted in a crowd. There was also another newcomer driver, Toyota Allan McNish, who managed to survive one bend in his first F1 race.

You can watch the beginning of the legendary race in the attached video shared by F1.

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Pulp and McNish drove six and seven places in their second race in Malaysia. Haas’ car is so bad this season that it is pointless for Mazepin to hope for such a good investment in the future. It would be an improvement if he stayed even on the track.

Besides, the misery of payment driver Mazepin was not limited to competition. He also spun in rehearsals as well as timeshares, where he also managed to break the gentlemen’s rules of the sport.

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Young the russian caused a stir even before his F1 career when he grabbed a young woman’s breasts with a somevideo last fall. Last year’s race season in F2 was also full of scandals.

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