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Nike sues company behind “satanic shoe”

The shoe in question is a modified Nike Air Max 97 containing, among other things, a pentagram, an upside-down cross, the number 666, a Bible verse about Satan and human blood. The sole is filled with red brook.

Nike has demanded that all shoes be destroyed, but the question is how to proceed. The edition with the 666 shoes sold out in no time for 1018 US dollars per pair, corresponding to around 8900 kronor. The price refers to the verse Luke 10:18 in the Gospel of Luke which reads “I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning.”

“As a direct and proximate result of MSCHF’s wrongdoing, Nike has suffered, continues to suffer and / or is likely to damage its brands, business reputation and goodwill that money cannot compensate for,” they write in the lawsuit.

“We expected the backlash, and we appreciate it,” the MSCHF replied to American CBS News.

Conservatives in the United States are furious at the increase

The increase has created a debate in the United States where many conservatives have taken it badly.

“We are fighting for the soul of our nation. We have to fight hard. And we have to fight smart. We must win, ”tweeted South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem.

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The model was launched in connection with Lil Nas X releasing the song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”. In the music video, the rapper is in the garden of the biblical Eden and then falls into hell where he seduces the devil before he then kills him, takes his horns and puts them on himself.

This weekend, Lil Nas X published a video with the headline “Lil Nas X apologizes to Satansko”. But instead an apology turns the clip into the same music video.

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