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Nicolas Sarkozy back to justice in the Bygmalion affair

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                Nicolas Sarkozy is back in court this Wednesday, March 17.  Two weeks after being convicted in the "eavesdropping" affair, the former president will now have to explain himself on his 2012 presidential campaign accounts. Nicolas Sarkozy is suspected of having exceeded the ceiling by 20 million euros legal allowed for a campaign.

                                    <p><span><span><span><span><span>Nicolas Sarkozy was he aware that his campaign expenses greatly exceeded the ceiling set by law?  That is the whole question the court will have to answer.  Limited to 22 million and a half euros for the 2 rounds, the UMP candidate spent 43 million.</span></span></span></span></span>

These overruns were made possible thanks to a false invoicing system organized by the events agency Bygmalion in charge of Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign.

Clearly, part of the expenses of his campaign was not settled with the candidate’s budget, but with the money of the UMP on the grounds of more or less fictitious events for the party.

Nicolas Sarkozy, assures him that at the time, president and candidate for his own succession, he did not have time at all to delve into these accounts and did not know.

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A version contested by his campaign manager who claims to have alerted him to the surge in spending, to no avail.

The former president faces a year in prison and 3 750 euros fine for illegal financing of electoral campaign. The trial should however be postponed for health reasons of one of the defense lawyers, seriously affected by the Covid.

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Of course we are worried. Of course we say to ourselves that maybe we will still have some settling of scores …

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