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NHL Farm Team Special Marvel Gloves Drunk – Hard Bids at Auction – NHL

Hundreds of dollars are already being auctioned off the gloves worn by Jacksonville Icemen, who is playing in the ECHL league in Friday night’s match.

Floridalainen Jacksonville Icemen skates today in a t-shirt with jerseys and gloves reminiscent of Marvel villain Thanos.

This is one of those to be played in the fourth season of the ECHL series Superhero Night match. In these games, each team in the series wears one home game in a turn in an outfit inspired by a Marvel company superhero character.

Icemen’s match against Greenville Swamp Rabbits has caused more buzz on social media than usual, as the media company Warrior has designed a special game glove for it.

The glove resembles Thanos Infinity Gauntlet a glove that made the villain extremely powerful. In addition to Marvel’s comics, Thanos has waved in Finnish The iron glove of eternity known for his glove in the super-popular Avengers movies.

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Special gloves will be sold at auction after the game and as early as Friday afternoon bids had come in abundance. The selling price of the gloves ranged slightly above and below $ 500 (€ 424), depending on the player.

BardownAccording to the website, hockey glove and Thanos are related because Avengers: Endgame In the descriptions of the film, the movements of the Infinity Gauntlet were modeled using a disc glove. However, its glove was made by Warrior’s rival Bauer.

Jacksonville Icemen is a farm club of the NHL club Winnipeg Jets and the AHL club Manitoba Moose.

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