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Next week will be one very warm day: “Can be kept at a high temperature compared to the season” – Finland

Foreca’s meteorologist Juha Föhr says that one day we will be able to enjoy the warmer spring winter weather than usual.

Easter week will be the typical spring-winter weather, Foreca on-call meteorologist Juha Föhr says.

– Tuesday is the warmest. More than ten degrees can be considered a high temperature relative to the season. Otherwise, this is a typical spring winter. The weather is windy on several days, Föhr says.

– The winter is not threatening. Snow gets to Lapland at Easter, but it is common in northern Finland at this time of year.

On Monday it rains almost all over the country, water in the southern and central parts, and more northern rain comes as water and snow. Temperatures across the country are slightly above zero. The warmest is in southern and south-western Finland, where temperatures rise to five degrees.

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On Tuesday, the whole country is warmer than other days, and in southern and southwestern Finland it is possible to get around +10 degrees.

– Can reach ten degrees or more. It’s up to the sun. As soon as it’s sunnier, the temperature bounces at least five degrees up from Monday, when it’s cloudy, Föhr says.

Otherwise, the whole country is clear and sunny, but in the north there may be local snow and rain on Tuesdays as well. There is quite a strong westerly wind throughout the country.

On Wednesday low pressure flows over the southern and central parts of the country to the east and is accompanied by rainfall. There will be snow showers in Lapland. Temperatures are on the south side a few degrees plus and in the north near zero or slightly on the frost side.

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On Thursday, the whole country is windy. The clouds are variable, so the sun can be mocked as well. To the east and north come local water and snow showers.

– In the south, temperatures are 5-8 degrees on the plus side, Föhr says.

Maundy Thursday after the south, night frosts are also expected. Good Friday morning all the way south may be frosty.

There will be local showers on Friday. In the south it is about five degrees warm during the day, and in Lapland about a couple of degrees.

On Saturday the weather will be cloudy. During the evening, sleet and snow are expected in Northern Ostrobothnia and Lapland.

During Sunday and Monday, there may be heavy snowfall in Lapland.

– It is worth preparing for a heavy snowfall in Lapland, Föhr says.

In the south, it is quite windy and cloudy on Sunday, and rapid passing showers are possible.

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