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New turn of the screw in the face of the Covid? “Nothing is decided”, assures Macron

“Nothing has been decided” as to a new turn of the screw in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic, assures Emmanuel Macron in Sunday Newspaper where he promises to catch up “in a few weeks” with the British in terms of people vaccinated. “For the next few days, we will look at the effectiveness of the braking measures and if necessary we will take those that are necessary. But at this time nothing has been decided”, underlines the Head of State in this interview carried out Friday evening, while the health situation is again qualified as “critical” by the executive.

As during his press conference Thursday evening at the end of a European summit, Emmanuel Macron defends his choice not to have reconfigured at the end of January, against the advice of many scientists. “Scientific unanimity has never been there. And sometimes, the facts of the next day come to thwart the certainties of the day before. Some said to us: In February, you are going to take the wall. We did not get caught. the wall (…) We took measures proportionate to the situation. ”

Regarding schools, the Head of State repeats that “the complete closure of schools can not be a taboo, but it must remain a last resort and a measure limited to the maximum in time.” Emmanuel Macron “fully assumes” also the French strategy of deploying the vaccine by age categories, while the vaccination was opened to more than 70 years on Saturday. “If I opened up to all age groups at once, there would be social and territorial inequalities in access to the vaccine. It would be a bad political and health choice,” he said, even if “some more particularly exposed professions “, such as teachers, could be vaccinated earlier, as he had already indicated.

“Offer a vaccine to all adults who want it before the end of the summer”

While France will have “more and more doses”, Emmanuel Macron is banking on “mega-centers” to meet the objectives of the executive: ten million French people vaccinated in mid-April, 20 million in mid-May, 30 million in mid-May. June. He claims to be able to keep his commitment to “offer a vaccine to all adults who want it before the end of the summer”.

The Head of State is thus convinced that “in a few weeks, we will have completely caught up with the British”. Engaged since December in a massive vaccination campaign, the United Kingdom has administered nearly 30 million first doses of vaccine, against 7.5 million in France. But the difference is much smaller when it comes to the number of people who have already received their second injection. “We Europeans will have delivered in mid-July the equivalent of 300 million doses” and “by the end of 2021, we will reach an annual production capacity of two to three billion doses”, says the head of the State, indicating that “52 European factories will be mobilized” by this program.

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