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New space rock burned up over Norduppland – captured on film

In December, a nine-tonne space rock was seen over large parts of Sweden. Enthusiasts were looking for parts of the stone and finally found, a 14 kilo stone near Fjärdhundra.

Now another space rock has been captured on film. This stone is much smaller – about three kilos heavy – but it still lit up the sky and was captured on film all the way to Larvik in Norway.

– Private individuals experience it very strongly because if you are nearby, it is a strong light. In this case, there were also a number of bangs and it can be both scary and exciting, says Kjell Olauson, chairman of Örebro astronomy.

Burned up between Skärplige and Östhammar

The stone began to burn a few miles northeast of Gävle, just over 60 miles up in the air. It then flew southeast down over Norduppland and burned up 26 kilometers above the ground between Skärplinge and Östhammar.

Photo: Örebro Astronomy

How come we get another car across the county within the race

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– We usually see 10-12 stones in this size per year. That they appeared just above Uppsala County is a coincidence, but it is not very remarkable. Then how much they are visible has to do with how cloudy it is, says Kjell Olauson, chairman of Örebro Astronomy.

See the space stone in the clip above

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