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New Research: This Is The Most Effective Way To Avoid Bowel Cancer – Health

The prevention of bowel cancer is most effective when healthy lifestyles are combined with endoscopy, a recent study says.

Many lifestyles prevent bowel cancer, and by following them, everyone can reduce their risk of developing the disease. However, the prevention of cancers and cancer deaths is best achieved if, in addition to lifestyles, intestinal cancers are examined by colonoscopy.

PLOS Medicine The results published by the journal are interesting because, although the benefits of endoscopy and lifestyle have been known in the past, their interactions have been little studied. Colonoscopy scans the gut for tumors that suggest cancer and removes them.

The study is based on a 26-year follow-up of 76,000 women and 43,000 men, during which 2,800 participants developed and 1,000 died of bowel cancer.

The researchers estimated that in this dataset, about 30 percent of bowel cancers and related deaths would have been prevented if all participants had had a colonoscopy. If patients had also followed a healthy lifestyle, the figure would have risen to about 60 percent. Ways of life were particularly useful in the early part of the colon cancer sufferers with endoscopy is limited benefit. Lifestyle also affected risks in patients who did not undergo colonoscopy.

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Participants ’lifestyle health scores were scored based on diet, body mass index, non-smoking, alcohol use, and physical activity.

In Finland, intestinal cancer is the third most common cancer. Every year, more than 3,000 Finns get bowel cancer. Two-thirds of cases are found in people over 65 years of age. Screening for intestinal cancers began in Finland in 2019.

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