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New on Netflix: These films and series were released last week | NOW

Every week, Netflix expands its offer with new series and films. This week we see, among other things, a new Sherlock Holmes series and some action films.


The Irregulars (season 1)

The Irregulars is a new series based on the stories of Sherlock Holmes writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. We follow the Baker Street Irregulars, a gang of street bastards commissioned by Sherlock Holmes and his mysterious assistant Dr. Help Watson solve heinous crimes.

Shtisel (season 3)

Drama series Shtisel follows a Haredi family who live in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem and have to deal with loss, love and the daily grind. The third season has been online since this week.

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DOTA: Dragon’s Blood (season 1)

Based on the game franchise DOTA, this animated series revolves around the hero Davion, a Dragon Knight determined to banish dark magic from his land. He comes into contact with the mysterious Princess Mirana, who has been sent on a secret mission.

Magic For Humans Spain (season 1)
Reality series Magic for Humans, a kind of Netflix version of Mindf * ck, will receive a spin-off. In Magic for Humans Spain we follow illusionist Mago Pop. He takes to the streets in Barcelona and amazes people with inimitable illusions and surprising tricks.

Nailed It! (season 5)

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Host Nicole Byer again receives all kinds of overly amateurish home bakers who get the biggest blunders from the oven. And all to win $ 10,000. The new thing about this season is that the candidates – including actress Joey King – can do it together.


A Week Away (2021)

In A Week Away Troubled teenager Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn) faces a crossroads after a collision: either he goes to a juvenile detention center or voluntarily goes to a Christian summer camp. He opts for the second and is totally uncomfortable until he meets one of the regular campers (played by Bailee Maison). She makes him feel things that are completely new to him.

Doris (2018)

Doris (Tjitske Reidinga) is a divorced mother of two children and is at a dead end in her life on the eve of her forty-fifth birthday. She doesn’t know what she wants, what she can do and where to go. While the people around her make a career and live busy, adult lives, little of Doris’s own dreams have come true. The question is: can it turn the tide?

Honest Thief (2020)

Liam Neeson plays a notorious bank robber who falls for a woman (Kate Walsh) and wants to get back on track. He decides to report himself to the FBI in exchange for a reduced sentence. But two corrupt cops have never seen a Neeson film and come up with different plans: they blame the former criminal for murder and want to steal his millions of dollars.

Kin (2018)

In this American science fiction film, a boy encounters a powerful alien weapon with which he saves his older brother, an ex-convict, from a group of criminals. They soon become involved in a secret war between agents and mysterious mercenaries who want that weapon back.

The Secret: Dare to Dream (2020)

Based on the bestselling book of the same name, this film follows widow Miranda (Katie Holmes). She suddenly gets help from Bray (Josh Lucas) in the run-up to an approaching storm. The man gives her whole life a huge boost and he is also popular with the kids, but he carries a big secret with him.

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