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new night of urban violence in Rillieux-la-Pape, a burnt bus

New night of urban violence in Rillieux-la-Pape (Metropolis of Lyon), this Saturday evening March 27. A TCL bus was set on fire and several cars burned. Mayor Alexandre Vincendet denounces “a mafia gang which sees its ground receding every day. “

New urban violence shook the Allagniers district in Rillieux-la-Pape near Lyon, Saturday March 28 after 8 p.m. According to the town hall, 4 cars were burned as well as a TCL bus.

Photos posted on social media overnight show a charred bus despite the rapid intervention of firefighters.

According to the Southern Rhône fire brigade union, the TCL bus was “totally destroyed”. Relief would have suffered “mortar jets (over and over again). “Garbage cans and a vehicle were also said to have been set on fire in Saint-Priest.

For the mayor of the city Alexandre Vincendet, “the commandos of the deal will not prevent Rillieux-la-Pape from being reborn“.

On his Facebook account, the elected official indicates that his teams yesterday inaugurated a new media library, L’Echappée, with in the wake of this opening, nearly 200 new memberships. That same evening, according to the mayor, “a commando of specialists in urban violence decided once again to make the Rilliards live 30 minutes of an infamous outburst of violence. “The mast of a video protection camera would have been damaged”by an attempt to saw it with a grinder“according to Mr. Vincendet.

A video is also circulating showing the fire on the TCL bus.

“The noose tightens around them. The Republic will win

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Mr. Vincendet wanted to react by denouncing once again a particular band: “We all know now, these unjustifiable acts are the fact of a mafia gang which every day sees its ground receding and accomplices being arrested by the Municipal Police and the National Police. This tiny minority will never be able to make anyone in their right mind believe that they are representative of Rilliarde youth, the same youth that I have seen all day at the L’Echappée media library, enthusiastic about a public facility whose she is the first beneficiary. More and more residents, overwhelmed by the situation, are giving us information about this criminal group. The noose tightens around them. The Republic will win!”

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