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new inter-community dialogue on the situation in the East

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                In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, while the arms continue to speak on the high and medium plateaus of Fizi, Uvira and Mwenga in the province of South Kivu, a dialogue began on Monday, March 29 in Kinshasa between the communities in conflict , the Babembe, Babuyi, Bafuliru, Banyamulenge, Banyindu, Barundi and Bavira.  This work, co-hosted by the head of President Felix Tshisekedi's civil house, is steered by the central government in collaboration with the NGO Interpeace, which specializes in conflict resolution.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Kinshasa, </em><strong>Pascal Mulegwa</strong>

There have already been several attempts at dialogue in South Kivu to try to put an end to the conflicts in the highlands. For this new essay, Modeste Bahati Lukwebo, the president of the Senate and from the province of South Kivu, calls for more sincerity.

« We have never been sincere in what we do. Each of the communities has its own calculations and would like to pull the sheet on its side, he insists. Everyone is guilty. There is no need to develop several theories. Of course you have to tell you the truth in the face, not hypocrisy. »

Almost every community is accused by the security forces of maintaining at least one armed group. The conflicts linked to the land are certainly real, but for Enock Sebineza, delegate of the Banyamulenge, the most urgent solution is through military operations.

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« We came to Kinshasa to wrest political will to allow the security forces to do what they are supposed to do, he asserts. First, we must eradicate the armed groups that uproot the Banyamulenge. All the government needs to do is stop the threats against the Banyamulenge. Anything considered to be a Banyamulege armed group can cease on its own. »

« Cultural identity theft »

For the Bafuliro with whom they fight in the highlands, the Banyamulenge should give up some of their demands.

« Those who call themselves Banyamulenge must be able to leave [abandonner] this name is the crux of the problem, said Kimweta Kangeta, the representative of the Bafuliro at this meeting. There is cultural identity theft through this name. Mulenge is one of the localities of our Bafuliro chiefdom. When they usurp that name, in other words, they want to plunder our customary lands, our ancestral lands. We know they are Congolese. At the outset of the law, we were not the ones who drafted it. »

President Félix Tshisekedi “ must enforce the laws of the Republic In the Highlands, called Kimweta Kangeta.

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Meanwhile, the localities are burning in the highlands, worried the Minister of the Interior Gilbert Kankonde at the opening of these three days of assizes. The head of the Congolese territorial administration said he expected from the hundred or so participants a firm commitment and a change of mentality oriented towards peaceful cohabitation.

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