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New goal: 25 percent more doping tests per year in Sweden

At the turn of the year, Sweden’s independent anti-doping organization came into force. It has now been three months and Antidoping Sweden’s CEO Christine Helle says that there has been a lot of work initially but that the activities have not been affected by the separation from the Swedish Sports Confederation (RF).

– We have for many years been an operational, independent activity from the Swedish Sports Confederation because the anti-doping department in the Swedish Sports Confederation has had its own operational, independent board. Our business has been completely independent, says Christine Helle to SVT Sport.

The organization, which was previously part of the Swedish Sports Confederation, was appointed after the International Anti-Doping Organization Wada hammered out new and stricter rules where greater demands were made on independence.

– The most important thing about this is that confidence in the Swedish anti-doping work increases. Both in Sweden but also internationally, says Helle.

Investing in education

As it is more expensive to conduct anti-doping work outside RF, Anti-Doping Sweden has received increased support from the Ministry of Culture of SEK 9 million for 2021.

The increased financial support will, among other things, be used to expand the business.

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– Our goal is to increase the number of doping tests and our entire control business. During these first months, we have been increasing the number of practitioners included in our control pools. This means that it will be easier for us to carry out doping tests on practitioners outside of competition.

“Will be a significant increase”

How big an increase in the number of doping tests will be?

– It will be a significant increase. In recent years, we have done 3800 tests in our national program per year, of which 3200 urine samples and now the goal is, among other things, an increase to 4000 urine samples per year. However, it will take some time to come up with so many tests because we must have an organization around Sweden that enables us to take so many tests. But we will reach the goal in the long run.

Money will also be spent on intelligence and investigation as well as on education and communication.

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– We will expand the education for practitioners, coaches and leaders and others who have to do with sports and who have an obligation to know the regulations under which they compete and train.

CLIP: How a doping test works (December 18, 2019)

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This is how a doping test works

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