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new departments under close surveillance


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MP.Cassignard, F.Mathieux, N.Dahan, C.Arnorld, JP.Perrin, M.David, J.Pires

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The epidemic situation is deteriorating in France. 19 departments are subject to braking measures but the list could still grow, as new departments post worrying figures.
On the beaches of the Var, the weather would almost make you forget that in the department, the contamination figures are not good. Walkers already seem resigned to a possible re-containment. “We will enjoy before being locked up again, and keep our spirits, stock up on vitamin D“Says a passerby, far-sighted. In addition to the 19 departments subject to traffic restrictions, 15 others are now under close surveillance.

Two criteria are taken into account: an incidence rate greater than 250 positive Covid-19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and an intensive care bed occupancy rate greater than 100%. In Moselle, the two criteria are largely exceeded. The pressure in the intensive care units is extreme, with an occupancy rate of 132%. “The numbers are constantly increasing, every day. We need a solution“, alarms a walker. The concern is shared by doctors who ask for much broader measures. Some even ask for strict confinement at the national level.

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