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New chefs, books, THE dish of the year: the year 2020 in the kitchen

2020 has in store for us its share of unpleasant surprises but not only … Indeed, even if the world of gastronomy has been challenged, new names have nevertheless succeeded in establishing themselves and some books have turned out to be new bibles for our kitchens. And because it’s never too late for this kind of news, Laurent Mariotte and his columnists returned to the favorites of the year 2020 in the show The bon vivant table.

Books of the year

Because we are all in perpetual quest for this famous book that will accompany us in our crazy culinary desires – our personal Holy Grail – we have put together an exhaustive list of the works that have caught our attention this year.

To begin with, we find the book of Tanguy Thomassin and Adèle Grunberger, Return from fishing. “Tanguy Thomassin and Adèle Grunberger are at the head of the Lobster Club in Dinan”, explains Charlotte Langrand. “They have made a beautiful book which is inspired by respectful, ethical and sustainable fishing. With 80 simple, user-friendly recipes, with history, criteria for choosing fish, their season as well as techniques for opening shells Scallops or raise a fillet. Among the recipes, we find parsley or gratin knives, a carpaccio or a Tartare de Saint-Jacques, etc. ” A little treasure from the sea.

For Olivier Poels, his book of the year is undoubtedly that of Jean-François Trap, The Big Book of French cuisine,bourgeois and popular recipes . “I find this book absolutely incredible. It is a sum of work. There are more than a thousand pages in this book”, notes Olivier Poels. “An updated compilation of all the great recipes that make up the incredible wealth of our French gastronomy. Frankly, this book is absolutely essential. I congratulate him again for this job.”

For Laurent Mariotte, one of the other books of the year to remember is that ofAlain Ducasse titled The Big Book of Naturalness. “Naturalness may seem a bit pompous like that when you hear the title, but it’s simply getting back to basics, to our local products,” explains Laurent Mariotte. “Alain Ducasse is one of the pioneers of this movement and his knowledge can be found in this book.”

The “new” chefs

In 2020, young talents stood out during the short authorized opening time of restaurants or even via click and collect. Among them, as Fannie Rascle specifies, we note the appointment of five women by the Gault and Millau. “Among the six promising chefs, there are five women in the selection of young talents proposed by the Gault and Millau 2021 edition. Among them, Sophie Reigner, chef of the Iodé restaurant in Vannes or at Laetitia Visse, head of La Femme du boucher in Marseille. “Addresses that we can’t wait to discover in 2021.

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The dish of the year

If it is complicated to keep only one dish over 365 days, one thing is obvious: couscous. Whether or not you have had the chance to taste it, this dish marks the year 2020 due to its entry into Unesco’s intangible world heritage. A registration request made by many countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Mauritania. Proof of its essential and universal aspect. And to get everyone to agree, Unesco has concluded that the best couscous is always “my mother’s”.

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