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Never ignore these symptoms of cerebrovascular disease – you may not notice the condition yourself, says Yle’s morning presenter Nicklas Wancke, who fell ill before the live broadcast – Health

Every day, 68 Finns get a cerebrovascular accident.

Two weeks ago on Thursday, Yle’s well-known morning presenter Nicklas Wancken, 55, the speech began to pound in the middle of the broadcast. The cause later became clear: he had had a cerebrovascular accident.

– I had a cerebrovascular accident before the morning broadcast, Wancke told IS.

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Wancke’s symptoms had started with some kind of visual disturbance the night before by bedtime. In the morning, he woke up with a slight headache, but nevertheless rushed to the studio and pulled a three-hour live broadcast.

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However, the problems were immediately present.

– When I got to work, I found that it was difficult to produce a speech and my speech got a little porridge.

“Cerebrovascular accident may not be noticed by yourself”

Colleagues were immediately concerned, but Wancke says he himself did not recognize the seriousness of the situation – even though it felt a little strange to him.

– You may not notice the cerebrovascular accident yourself. That morning at work, a colleague came to ask if I was all right. I wondered his question.

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Wancke was beaten to the doctor, further examinations described his head, and he was hospitalized for more than a week. Now he says that he can do well in relation to the circumstances and encourages Finns to be careful if he or she notices signs of a cerebrovascular disorder.

Symptoms suggestive of cerebrovascular accident include:

  • Symptoms of paralysis: usually unilateral weakness of the hand and / or foot and / or sensation

  • Hanging of the mouth

  • Speech disorder

  • Visual disturbance: double vision or visual field defects seen with both eyes

  • Imbalance, difficulty walking and dizziness together

Note that the symptoms are usually painless. In the case of cerebral hemorrhage, it may be accompanied by a sudden and severe headache.

Source: Brain Union

Every day, 68 Finns get sick

Cerebrovascular accident refers to a cerebrovascular accident, i.e. a cerebral infarction or cerebral hemorrhage. Cerebrovascular accident can also be transient, in which case we speak of a so-called TIA seizure.

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A total of 25,000 Finns suffer from cerebrovascular disease every year, ie 68 people every day, says the Brain Association.

About 18,000 suffer from cerebral infarction and about 1,800 from cerebral hemorrhage. Transient cerebrovascular accident (TIA) affects about 5,000.

112 the only correct phone number

According to the Brain Association, about 4,500 Finns die of cerebrovascular disorders every year.

The sooner treatment for cerebrovascular disease is started, the better the patient’s prognosis.

One should not try to call anything other than 112.

Professor of Neurology Risto O. Roine From the University of Turku said in an earlier storythat 112 is the only correct phone number when there is a suspicion of cerebrovascular accident.

– The emergency center classifies the case and, starting from the emergency call, it is dealt with as a matter of urgency. The role of first aid is important, and only with this right chain of care is it possible to recover completely.

– You should not try to call anything other than 112. Treatment is always taken in an ambulance, not on its own, by any means, Roine said.

The professor also reminded that typically the patient is not able to alert themselves, so much depends on other attendees to see if they can get treatment in time.

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