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“Net increase” in the number of contaminations in the Central African Republic

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                The number of Covid-19 contaminations in " <em>clear increase</em> Since the beginning of this year according to the WHO and the Ministry of Health.  It is too early to talk about "<em> new wave</em> ”, Estimates the organization.  What worries the authorities is the increase in symptomatic cases and severe forms of the disease.

                                    <p><em>With our special correspondent in Bangui, </em><strong>Florence Morice</strong>

It is a call to the “ vigilance Launched by the WHO. The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases remains relatively low in the Central African Republic. 5,170 since the start of the epidemic… But it has been rising sharply in recent weeks. And the increase in the number of tests performed, is not enough to explain it, for Severin von Xylander, WHO representative in the country.

« In January, we had 25 symptomatic cases and in March – which is not even over – we are already at 158. And if you compare the asymptomatic, we had 29 and we are at 180. So certainly for the asymptomatic, it is mainly linked to the screening strategy. But for the symptomatic there is clearly an increase, which is moreover in line with the trends in other countries of sub-Saharan Africa. »

Concerns about the possible presence of a new strain

And it is this trend that worries the Central African Minister of Health, Pierre Somse. Compared with 2020, the proportion of those who actually declare the disease among the number of infected people has increased: an average of ten cases per day now.

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« We have hospitalized cases which are quite complicated, but we still have a significant number of deaths. And we ask ourselves a lot of questions. One wonders why the vulnerability would be suddenly worsened, when last year the number of people who fell ill was counted on the fingertips, wonders the Minister of Health. It could be the circulation of new strains that are more virulent. Research is underway with the Institut Pasteur. We also intend to send samples to other foreign countries to take stock of the variants in circulation in the country. »

The authorities have stepped up their epidemiological surveillance. But the minister deplores the lack of respect for barrier gestures and the reluctance of some patients to go to treatment centers dedicated to Covid-19 for treatment. He therefore fears that the number of deaths is actually ” much more important »Than the one listed.

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