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Need something new in your hair? Here are pictures of the three cuts everyone is coveting this spring – Style

Hairstyles that do with little trim and long without trimming are at the forefront of this spring’s hair trends.

1. Modern mop hair

The trendiest decade right now is definitely the 1970s. Wide-leg jeans and hippie shirts get a shag cut with a rich hand layered on the crown.

When it came to modern times, mop hair has undergone modernization and is now a super stylish way to add more texture and fullness to your hair. Hair cut to different lengths will not hurt, even if it takes a couple of months between hairdresser visits.

Tip! Allow the mop to dry on its own – natural movement is emphasized. Moisturizing curly spray revitalizes stale-feeling supple hair if the hair does not have time to be washed.

Shag hair can be modified to look like its wearer in all hair qualities and lengths. The model works on long hair without the hair losing much length. For natural curls, the cut gives a fun lift and ensures that the curls stay fluffy. For a flat lob dimension, layering brings a fun contrast to neatly dressed tops.

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If the bangs don’t feel like any of your own, you can combine the mop with a long forehead that curves to the sides of your face. Then more length differences are reciprocally added elsewhere.

2. Straight pole

You can’t go wrong with a polka dot!

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This spring, the coolest version of the polka is a seemingly evenly cut model. The one-size-fits-all polka fits any hair, and the length can be anything between the shoulder and the chin.

Although the polka looks flat on top, the model can be modified based on hair quality: thicker hair can be layered and thus increase volume, while layering fine hair should be kept to a minimum. The cut-in layering allows you to create movement in the hair and it ensures that the model stays beautiful even over a long cutting interval.

The flatness of the polka is apparent: layers are cut inside the model. Ask the hairdresser to cut long, soft layers of hair to give the model a nice texture.

Polkka gets his rights best in a carefully straightened, glossy version like Cate Blanchett’s hair. By its nature, the stick polka doesn’t need much styling. If you want movement and playfulness in your hairstyle, you can turn the top layer of hair with a styling iron for light waves.

3. Complete curtains

If the bangs are always attractive, but the maintenance of the model is thoughtful, the solution is a veiled forehead.

Like the curtains, the bangs that descend to the edges of the face have a similar Farrah Fawcett-inspired vintage feel to the mop hair. Traditional bangs may be tidied up every few weeks, but a slightly overgrown-looking model is graciously trimmed. When the headline is first cut a little shorter than desired, it is allowed to grow to its full size and a little over in peace, however, all the while looking as if the length has been carefully considered.

Tip! The long bangs can be moved appropriately when blown dry with a small round brush.

It is difficult to come up with words other than praise from the veiled bangs. It looks good alongside almost any model and in addition to the hairstyle. A hint of a messy bump or a tight-knit ponytail will each get a new look when combined with a face-framing headline.

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