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Nearly half drive with plug-in hybrids without charging their car – “Gateway to fully electric” – Cars

One in three car changers plans to get an electric car next, but many plug-in hybrids would lazily charge.

The results of a survey conducted on the website in March show that 33 percent of the respondents plan to purchase either a rechargeable hybrid or a fully electric car.

As many as 40 percent drive or would drive a rechargeable hybrid, mainly consuming gasoline or diesel, which is contrary to the original idea of ​​these cars. Fuel consumption can be higher due to the higher weight of hybrids than when driving an internal combustion engine car alone: ​​instead of green thinking, a lower tax on plug-in hybrids is used compared to similar internal combustion engine cars.

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– The most significant benefit of rechargeable hybrids may, after all, be that they get motorists used to electricity. The threshold for acquiring a rechargeable hybrid is significantly lower than the direct transition from gasoline or diesel to full electricity. The downloadable hybrid is a gate product,’s car manager Jenni Tuomisto says in a press release.

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The same survey result shows that 56 per cent of Finns have not even considered purchasing a rechargeable hybrid or all-electric car. One in ten, on the other hand, wants a fully electric car next.

Currently, 36 percent of Finns estimate that changing a car will be timely within 12 months. Nearly 60 percent say the biggest slowdown in the spread of all-electric cars is their high prices.

1,164 respondents participated in the survey. Of these, 58 percent were men and 39 percent were women. Three percent did not want to specify their gender.

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