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Nearly 30 observations of a bright light phenomenon in the sky – “I have never seen anything like it” – Finland

Some observers described that they also heard sound observations during the light phenomenon.

Sunset after the evening sky saw an exceptional light phenomenon on Tuesday at 8:10 p.m. Observations came from different parts of Finland and even Sweden from the Stockholm stages. Almost 30 observations of the fireball seen in the sky were made through Ursa’s Taivaanvahti site. The phenomenon was particularly visible in southwestern Finland, where it was described as brighter than the moonlight.

Some observers described that they also heard sound observations during the light phenomenon.

“I heard two humming. First from the back and then from the front. The sound was interrupted at times. When I heard the sound in front of me, I saw a phenomenon like a starburst, but much larger and brighter. The direction of flight was from north to south, ”the star enthusiast, who studied the phenomenon in Helsinki, described on the Taivaanvahti website.

The Sky Watch website reported that estimates of brightness ranged from Venus to a brighter full moon brighter.

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– The colors orange and green have been reported, and there are also a few mentions of the firing of the fireball at the end of the flight.

From the night sky the brightness of the illuminated phenomenon attracted attention, and many observers told the Star of Heaven in more detail about their observation.

“Appeared for only a moment, only five to ten seconds, and finally shattered to pieces. I have never seen one bright fireball, ”described a Turku resident who observed the situation from Prisma’s parking lot.

Many described the starburst as bringing light like a moonlight from its dark spring evening, with the difference that the shade of the light was more reddish.

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“Suddenly a very bright, orange fireball appeared, rushing towards the ground. Behind the ball was an orange wand, from which flames and sparks burst. At first I thought a burning plane was falling from the sky because the phenomenon lasted so long, and was so orange glowing. I also realized that this is not a so-called a normal starburst because it wouldn’t last that long and wouldn’t be so bright. I started to wonder if it was a meteorite, ”an observer on Raisio’s horizon wrote on Ursa’s website.

Slightly further south The observation of Raseborg was a specialty for a witness to several stellar flights.

“A fireball with a tail in the western sky. It looked like it had fallen behind the forest where it disappeared. Before it disappeared from view, it disintegrated into smaller pieces. I have never before seen anything like it, even if the ordinary shooting stars I have seen many “.

Around the same time, the camera of the observatory in Varkaus photographed another stellar flight, a car.

The fireball was recorded on camera in Varkaus on Tuesday.­

– It was a pretty typical car, or fireball. In the previous two months, there have been more similar ones than usual, a Kuopio-based astronomy enthusiast Ville Miettinen said.

The night was starry sky lively, since even after midnight Haukiputaa Oulu close to the camera control was recorded on a bright star.

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